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Dear Friend,

A notebook, a copybook, a note pad, on closer inspection, are merely bound sheets, attached to a more or less well coated cover page.
Quotus has always had the desire to be something more: telling your stories has always been our greatest aspiration.

Over the years we have always tried to improve ourselves, through continuous development of our brand; we look around, trying to give our personal interpretation of what it means to own something beautiful. Staying still, crystallized in their own positions and proposals has never been part of our nature.

Today, we introduce you to our new home, that has been designed and engineered keeping in mind only your needs, with the sole mission to respond to any suggestions you have given to us over the years.

We hope you like it: we opted for a total revolution, because when we decide to change we like to do it right, no half measures, leaving the past behind to make way for a new chapter in our history.

We decided to redesign our digital identity through a complete makeover of our portal, more and more welcoming and capable of transmitting clearly and immediate the Quotus philosophy and our world view.

The new design, as well as being easier to use, has several new features, starting from a different organization of collections, so that you can always find what you want in a simple and direct way, no losing time searching through the many theme variants, size and colors available in our catalog.

Our catalog has undergone a marked modernization and it will always be available online directly on the web-site, to provide an overview of the entire portfolio as schematically and comprehensive as possible.

We wished to create a web-site where You are the only protagonist; your shopping experience has been our main concern in structuring the various sections and we paid special attention to the enhancement of our products, through a new photographic presentation, to put more light on the details and crafted finishing of processing.

Furthermore the web-site new interface is increasingly social, and it allows an easier and immediate sharing of all content through their own personal social profiles.
The innovation of a more modern and impact layout will accompany the integration of new proposals, starting from modern “NovusBook”, our most revolutionary and innovative line, consisting of notebooks covered in real leather and carbon fiber.

Dear Customer, I’ve said it all, and I also, perhaps, overstayed, but I wanted to be sure to convey at least a small part of the love and commitment that all of us, the Quotus family, have devoted to ensure that this new adventure had began.
I wish you “Bon Voyage”, hoping to continue to care among our pages the small but significant fragments of your life.
Because our sole mission has always been to tell how much of extraordinary deserve to be remembered, and we hope to do it for much longer.

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