The new Cloth & Leather Notebook

The latest addition to the great Quotus family: the first hardcover notebook of our production

Quotus’s Cloth & Leather Notebook is born from the desire, after so many years, to propose a product that subverted the standard lines to which we have accustomed our customers. So we decided to study a Notebook that was inserted in the tracks of our philosophy, maintaining the same dimensions of our most appreciated collections and the same internal themes, but completely distorting what is outside.

Greeted the old soft cover we began to study a new coating, focusing in particular on 2 key words: elegance and durability. In fact, this notebook does not give up on proposing classic lines of the Made in Italy tradition in terms of design, but combines them with a particular strength that makes it an article suitable for undisturbing the dangers of passing time. As for the coating we have opted here for a complete renovation, proposing a leather never used in our catalog as the split of goat and a completely new material like the canvas.

As internal themes you will find two evergreen like white pages and horizontal lines, the latter in a version with more space between one and the other that will facilitate writing.