PRESS RELEASE – Patrizia Finucci Gallo and Quotus.


The Salotto di Patrizia Finucci Gallo” is coming back, in fashionable version, with the prestigious notebooks, branded Quotus.

On Tuesday, 1st December Patrizia Finucci Gallo is going to reopen the doors of her cultural salon.
The event starts at 20.30 in Trento and Trieste Square, with a rich buffet. It follows the presentation of the evening guest: Emanuele Aini, the high brand stationery Quotus founder. Quotus, that has been founded in 2011, select quality materials with a linear and essential cut, in a sober and elegant way, according to the best Italian master craftsmen style. Quotus combine exclusively real leather, from which we obtain various kinds of shapes and colors, with a valuable ivory-colored paper, in order to offer a very endearing writing experience.

We collaborate with a network of craftsmen with a long experience in the leather and paper industry; it allows us to have a streamlined and dynamic production process, able to quickly meet any kind of request”, Emanuele Aini explains. “ For that reason we take care of every production detail: starting by the choose of materials, up to the manufacturing activities, to offer a beautiful, robust and practical object of stationery.

During the evening it will be presented the Novus Book, a notebook that brings together the ancient and classical leather soul with the amazing technology of carbon fiber, a material usually used in the transport sector, that therefore represents the main innovation of the product branded Quotus: “A piece of design alongside the Tablet that will remind you of the importance of handwriting, of playing with memories, of drafting lists and achieve goals.”

“During the evening event in the “Salotto di Patrizia Finucci Gallo” , there will be a contest for the invited. The theme is: “The meaning of writing”.The best sentence, of 140 characters length, will be awarded with the elegant NovusBook.

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