Exciting Indiegogo Campaign: Quotus NovusBook – An article of Moustache Stationery Blog

This article appeared in the prestigious blog Moustachestationery.com about our new Pocketbook NovusBook and his campaign of crowdfunding on Indiegogo portal:

Exciting Indiegogo Campaign: Quotus NovusBook


Quotus NovusBook alongside a Metal Shop Bullet Pencil

Quotus NovusBook alongside a Metal Shop Bullet Pencil

Hello stationery lovers!

We are really excited to tell you about a cool new Indiegogo campaign that we recently came across.

The campaign is being run by a company called Quotus who make some seriously beautiful handmade leather stationery in Italy.

They are using Indiegogo to launch a new line of notebooks: NovusBook.
The NovusBook is available in a number of different colours

The NovusBook is a beautiful handmade notebook which features a cover made of leather and carbon fibre. A nod the past and the future.

Quotus were kind enough to send us some pre-production samples to play with. Let me tell you, they are fantastic!

As you know, I am very much a pocket notebook kind of guy, so being larger than a pocket notebook, the NovusBook is something quite different than I would use day-to-day. That said, the quality of the paper and the binding is quite irresistible. I could really see this notebook as my desk companion. Not something that I would carry around day-to-day (though it could easily fit in a bag), but something special that I could write my thoughts in each morning & evening.

I have also been contemplating starting a notebook to keep recipes or recipe ideas. It would need to be something durable that would last, and I think that the NovusBook would be perfect for that.

Perfect for fountain pen use

In recent years I have become very fond of writing with a fountain pen. One frustration that I have with many pocket notebooks is that they just don’t have the kind of paper that will stand up to a fountain pen. Well, writing with a fountain pen on the NovusBook paper is an absolute delight. Another fantastic benefit to using this notebook!

Truly a pleasure to write in

When it comes to the cover, the leather used is clearly of the highest quality. It really is a beautiful notebook, not just to look at, but a total pleasure to write in.

Takes pencil beautifully

If you are interested in finding out more about the Quotus NovusBook, check out their page on Indiegogo where you can also back the campaign and get your very own NovusBook in their first production run.


Original article: http://www.moustachestationery.com/exciting-indiegogo-campaign-quotus-novusbook/


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