Phone Contacts Notepad purple


The Telephone pocketbook Quotus is a classic and timeless object to reorder, on paper, names, addresses, email, phone numbers…


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Do you have fond memories of a beloved old paper address book?

One on which to write down all your useful contacts in a neat order so you always have them at hand?

For many it is now a faded memory to which their thoughts return, with nostalgia in which we succumb defencelessly to the power of technology.

If, however, you also belong to the fan club, the Quotus Contacts is a classic and timeless object for reorganising names, addresses and phone numbers of people who matter in your life, black on white.

  • Binding: book binding with thread stitched seams
  • Manufacture: handmade
  • Dimensions: cm 12 x 17
  • Thickness: 10 mm
  • Weight: 167 gr
  • No. of pages: 96
  • Paper: Italian texture laid pper, gr 100/m2, colour ivory
  • Leather: real European cattle skin, chrome treated, aniline drum dyed, semi-lucid, fine grain
  • Theme: phone contacts
  • Color: purple