Insomnia notebook


A notebook designed not only for those who, unfortunately, are afflicted by insomnia, but also for those who often have the best ideas in the middle of the night and want to have a practical notebook next to their bed, resting on the bedside table, where they can immediately write their thoughts .

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Quaderno per insonni

How many times have we had brilliant ideas or simple solutions to problems that await us the next day during the night? And how many times have we lost these nocturnal lights upon awakening? Falls into oblivion of deepest sleep and never again re-emerged. This diary wants to be a reliable guardian of your nocturnal thoughts, a trusted friend to keep on the bedside table apart from the hateful smartphone that already takes up too much space in our days. A leather notebook dedicated not only to insomniacs, but to anyone who loves to write during the night.


  • Description: sheets printed in ivory-colored paper and natural leather from 1.00 / 1.3 mm thick
  • Binding: book-like with thread-stitch stitching
  • Manufacture: artisan
  • Dimensions: 17 x 24 cm
  • Thickness: 15 mm Weight: 400 gr
  • No. of pages: 160
  • Paper: Italian ivory from 100 gr / sqm
  • Leather: genuine European leather of bovine origin, half-flower motif, natural grain. Soft hand, waxy feel, semi-dull appearance
  • Bookmark: gold
  • Color: blue
  • Theme: insomnia
diario per insonnia
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Dimensions 17 × 0.17 × 24 cm