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Cogito vegetable leather Notebook

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A handcrafted notebook, dressed in a luxury italian Vegetable-tanned leather. Limited edition.

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The word “Cogito” is important and fascinating, it could not be different in view of the multitude of meanings behind it and the importance in the philosophical sphere.

This collection want to approach this name with respect due to a term that brings with it millennial knowledges, which have contributed to the growth of humanity throughout history.

The leather covering this Notebook was tanned to the vegetable, according to the traditional method that masters have been trampling for centuries, using only natural elements in trees and plants.

This is a linger working than normal, allowing the leather to stay alive and absorb the flowing of the time, to become more beautiful as it is lived by its owner. There will not be two identical leathers, so each notebook becomes a unique piece, with its small imperfections and peculiarities.

The sheets of Notebook Cogito are made of gr 100/m² ivory-colored texture laid paper, used to absorb the ink, retain emotion and keep the thoughts.

Description: sheets printed on Italian texture laid paper and natural leather mm 1.00/1.3 thicks
Book binding: with thread stitched seams
Manufacture: handmade
Dimensions: cm 17 x 24
Thickness: mm 17
Weight: gr 513
No. of pages: 192
Paper: Italian texture laid paper, gr 100/m2, colour ivory
Leather: genuine smooth European Vegetable-tanned leather of 2 mm thick
Theme: blank page
Color: dark blue



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