1. General conditions of sale and limits general service

The sale of the products offered on our website www.quotus.it is governed by the following Terms and Conditions of Contract (hereinafter referred to as “Terms and Conditions”). Aclea srl, owner of the Quotus.it brand may modify or amend these Terms and Conditions and the General Limits of Service at any time. Therefore, the customer will be asked to accept only the Terms and Conditions in force at the time of purchase.

For each product selected, a web space can be viewed that highlights photographic images of the item, the unit price, the technical data sheet and the description of use.
Although Quotus.it constantly seeks to ensure that the photographs shown on the
site are faithful reproductions of original products, including the adoption of all possible technological solutions for minimising inaccuracies, some variations are always possible due to the characteristics of colour resolution of the computer used by the customer. As a result, Quotus.it shall not be liable for any inappropriate graphical representations of Quotus products shown on the website where these are due to the abovementioned technical reasons.

Quotus.it reserves the right to change the items offered for sale on the Site at any time,
without notice. The prices of all the products offered for sale on the site Quotus.it are inclusive of VAT.

2. The conditions of Quotus.it

For every order received, Quotus.it sends the customer an email confirmation of the order. A standard sales invoice will subsequently be sent directly to the email address indicated in the order. The images of the products listed on the site may differ from the actual products because, since they are handmade products using natural materials, it is not possible to obtain two products that are exactly the same in all their features. By placing an order on the Quotus.it site, the customer declares that they have read the General Limits of Service, the terms of payment proposed and the entire purchase procedure. With express reference to Articles 3 and 4 of Legislative Decree 185/89, the customer will receive, via email, all the indications necessary to identify the seller, which the customer must keep together with the e-mail confirmation of the order.

3. Security: We work to make you feel secure

You can feel confident when making a purchase with a credit card/PayPal. Purchasing on our Quotus.it site is easy; with just a few clicks you can choose your Quotus and purchase with maximum security using a technologically secure payment system. Many customers do not know that, despite many clichés, payment online by credit card is one of the safest systems.

For example:

Credit card numbers are not stolen through online transactions for the purposes of duplication, usually the opposite happens: numbers are stolen from payments in shops or withdrawals from ATMs then used for purchasing online.
Websites generally cannot see the numbers of credit cards when a payment is made: the system is that of the bank, which receives numbers and deletes them immediately after verification. And, in any case, in the unlikely event of fraud, the full amount is refunded.

We remind you that if you would like free help, you can send an email to [email protected]
You will be contacted within 24 hours, except on public holidays.

4. Data privacy

Your privacy is 100% GUARANTEED:

We do not give or share YOUR data and your personal information with parties outside our company, Aclea srl.
We use YOUR personal information only to carry out orders and for the accounting of the transaction.

Below are all the details of our privacy policy, which applies in every case in which you access the website and decide to browse the website and use its services, regardless of the purchase of products. Please also read the notes described in the General Limits of Service which also contain important indications on privacy. If you need further information, please contact us.

5. Collection of personal information

Quotus.it only collects information about its customers in the following ways:

The registration form that allows us to obtain the data necessary to carry out orders
The data from the emails exchanged during the transaction and/or direct communications that we periodically send to registered customers.

The personal information we collect is used for two purposes: to carry out your purchase orders and to offer you products and services more in line with your needs. Personal data collected will be used only by Aclea srl. and communicated only to the carrier involved in the shipping. Under no circumstances will personal information be used to send advertising material, and it may be modified or deleted by the user at any time. In addition, payment via PayPal is the safest system in the world: the data related to your credit card will not even be disclosed to Aclea srl.

6. Sharing personal data with third parties

Quotus.it does not share YOUR personal data with third parties. No one outside of Quotus.it will know your data or your preferences. This policy gives you a 100% guarantee that the information about you will never be disseminated externally by Quotus.it.

7. Protection of personal data

Your most sensitive data are stored by Aclea srl, owner of the Quotus.it brand, and are specifically protected, isolated from the outside and accessible only to authorised employees.

8. Processing of personal data

YOUR personal and sensitive data are processed according to the Italian Privacy Law. They will be kept by Quotus.it in compliance with applicable laws currently in force on Italian territory. Quotus is a mark controlled by Aclea srl, Terza Strada z.i. Macchiareddu 09032 Assemini ( CA) VAT No. 02663260921

9. Monaey back guarantee – returns

Quotus.it allows the return of purchased goods, even without any reason, within 30 days of receipt of the package. Fill out this form to receive authorisation to return with directions on how to proceed. As soon as we receive the goods we will refund the full price paid for what you have returned to us, less the return tariff if you have used our carriage forward courier. If the return is due to our error, we will refund the full price with no deductions.
The products purchased must be returned undamaged in their original packaging. If the Quotus articles returned do not meet the conditions listed above, you will be refunded the amount you paid for your order, less 15% for restocking costs. See the conditions reported in the FaQs.

10. Jurisdiction

For all disputes, the only competent court is that of Cagliari.
Aclea srl