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Small NotebookTravels blue
€ 11,00
Small Notebook Pentagram
€ 11,00
Notebook Fatum n° 10
€ 30,00
Block Notes Lined Virgilio
€ 24,00
Notebook Convivium
€ 24,00
Block Notes Weekly Planning Virgilio
€ 24,00
Taccuini appunti Quotus


Live the life of a traveller: know how to observe, perceive, enjoy and celebrate.
Freeze the most authentic, intense and curious moments in time with words, strictly written by hand, surrounded by the noble warmth of paper and leather.
Here we explain how Quotus can accompany you on this exciting journey.

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Taccuini appunti Quotus


Tear-off pads for notes or drawing, Exrcise books and Notebooks. Here are the details of all our luxury stationery products, item by item, to help you find and choose the Quotus best suited to your tastes and needs.

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Taccuini appunti Quotus


Style and quality are not invented: Quotus is the result of a manufacturing philosophy that brings together fine quality materials such as paper and leather with contemporary and expressive colours, put together by the skilled handwork of experienced professionals, worthy interpreters of the best of Italian craft tradition.
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About us

Your special moments deserve Quotus

Quotus is luxury artisanal stationery.
Enjoy practical luxury at your fingertips with tear-off notepads, notebooks, small notebooks and mini-notebooks with a linear and refined cut, made with fine laid paper and covered in natural leather, as per the best Made in Italy tradition.
Each item is available in different colours and theme variations.
Thus every Quotus becomes your personal Quotus: a discrete and faithful everyday companion, an expression of your style in which to record your experiences, emotions and most significant memories.
If you’d like to own or make a gift of a unique, quality object, then treat yourself or others to a Quotus and rediscover the pleasure of capturing the best moments of your day.

"Treat yourself and treat others to Quotus if you like to own or make a gift of a unique quality object through which to rediscover the pleasure of your days and of their best moments."

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30.11.2015 PRESS RELEASE - The “Salotto di Patrizia Finucci Gallo” is coming back,... PRESS RELEASE The “Salotto di Patrizia Finucci Gallo” is coming back, in fashionable version, with the prestigious notebooks, branded...
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